Jet grouting - The technology is based on soil stabilization using its erosion and mixing by a high-pressure jet of cement mortar.

As a result of jet grouting, soil-cement columns (piles) with a diameter of 300 to 2500 mm are formed.

The company
providing the service
  • > 2500 mm
    possible diameter
  • Up to 50 m
    possible depth
  • > 200linear meters
    possible drilling volume per day
  • To strengthen foundations of various types
  • Leveling of soils by the introduction of reinforcing elements
  • Vertical or horizontal impervious curtains for permanent and temporary use
  • Strengthening of soils in tunneling and road construction
  • Strengthening of slopes
  • Stabilization of soils in the bases of foundations to be designed
  • Filling underground excavations and karst voids
  • The Superstructure of buildings and the deepening of basements
  • Fencing of pits and creation of retaining walls
  • Jet grouting

  • Drilling with casing

  • Vibro-drilling and CSP

  • Technical supervision


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