• > 10 units
    Bulldozers, loaders, excavators
  • < 5 units
    The average age of machinery
  • 600 000 м2
    The total volume of work from 2015 to 2021

An excavation designed to erect part of a building or structure is located below the ground's surface in constructing foundations. Following SNiP, they can be with vertical walls, fasteners, or slopes. Development of the excavation consists of several stages:

  • cutting the soil by unloading to the berm or loading into vehicles;
  • leveling of the bottom, manual or mechanized excavation, leveling;
  • backfill with leveling and compaction to improve the characteristics of the future foundation.
  • Site planning by the project

  • Arrangement of pits and trenches

  • Backfilling, loading soil

  • Transportation of soil


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